Tuesday, February 4, 2014

We've got mail!

Hello Friends of Foster Parents, 
Back in the summer of 2005, our foster son was recognized in your magazine as the Gordon Evans Scholarship recipient of Oklahoma to Oklahoma State University. I would like to say "thank you" once again for helping this very deserving young man take an important step into the future that now waits before him as a hopeful promising career is on the horizon. 
Though Jacob took six years to complete his undergraduate (part of the residue of being a child separated from biological family and changed from many homes in the foster system until reaching our home), he finally achieved a biology degree that then led him to Argosy College in Minnesota where he studied ultrasound technology. This month he completes his internship at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas and will be fully certified as a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. We are proud of his accomplishments and of the future that is in store for him and his beautiful wife, Megan. 
Thank you "Gordan Evans" and NFPA for helping to encourage foster children/students all over America!

Rev. Marilyn Merle

Note: NFPA has also been informed that Jacob will be performing mission work this month before starting his full-time job. Way to go Jacob!

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