Friday, April 26, 2013

Pizza night at your house? Consider setting aside an extra $10 for the youth!

What is the cost of one large pizza or one meal at a fast food restaurant? $10? 

And what does one large pizza or one meal from a fast food restaurant have to do with youth scholarships?

If everyone reading this would be willing to contribute the cost of just one large pizza or one meal from a fast food restaurant, the National Foster Parent Association could offer at least some of our youth the opportunity to pursue a higher education, which in turn could lead to a better job and a productive future.

Youth in foster care have faced, and many will continue to face, barriers to achieve a full, meaningful life. They deserve a better chance in life and together we can give them that chance. Help support our youth by supporting NFPA’s Youth Scholarship Program

To make a contribution, go to NFPA's website to donate and select NFPA Youth Scholarship Fund for your contribution.  

Or send a check, made payable to NFPA Youth Scholarship Fund, to:
2021 Hennepin Avenue, Suite 320
Minneapolis, MN  55413

Thank you for your support!

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