Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let's talk kinship!

NFPA is gathering information regarding kinship care and needs your help. 

If you have any information regarding the following questions, please contact Jan Wagner, NFPA's Kinship sub-committee chair, at wagnerjan(at)live.com. You can also leave a comment here and we'll get it to Jan. 

Don't forget to tell us your state!
  1. Are relatives in your state encouraged to become licensed or are they told to seek guardianship or other less formal arrangements?
  2. Are relative families supported in any way by the state such as with special guardianship/kinship subsidies, even if they are not licensed foster families?
  3. Are there specific state policies and procedures for relative families? (send us a link!)
  4. Are kinship families informed of free, accessible trainings and parenting support for children at risk?
  5. Is there a Navigator program in place where families can obtain information on services, benefits, trainings and information sharing?
  6. Are the unique needs of kinship families being recognized by the state?
  7. How can NPFA reach out and support kinship families?

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