Thursday, June 14, 2012

We're in Chicago!

NFPA kicked off its arrival  for the 42nd annual conference June 13 in Chicago/Oak Brook with a Council of State Affiliates meeting that was attended by 21 state representatives. Kudos to Massachusetts, Arizona, Idaho, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, California, Texas, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, Louisiana, Connecticut, Alabama, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Florida, Iowa and Illinois for joining us!

There are some great things happening in the state associations and members should be proud of their representatives for advocating for them and their children.

Among a few highlights from the meeting:

Louisiana: Presented 19 mini grants to local associations in Louisiana for $500 each

Arizona: Last Christmas donated 250 bicycles to children in foster care

Connecticut: Provides complimentary state park decals to foster parents for free admission to Connecticut's state parks

Stay tuned for more great ideas and events from NFPA's state affiliates in the next few weeks!

See you in Chicago!

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