Friday, January 27, 2012

Develop a routine for the first night of placement

The beauty of being a foster parent is the stability that we provide children in care, who may not otherwise get stability -- or a stable routine -- in their biological homes.

We all know the excitement and eagerness that accompanies a new placement. We also know the anxiety of wondering how the first few nights will play out. Why not start a routine that will transcend most placements, especially for children ages 5 to 8?

Tuck Me In Cards provide a great "intro" for the bedtime routine. With cards such as "I'll Tell You A Story About When I Was Little" and "If You Could Go Anywhere In the World, Where Would You Go and How Would You Get There," it allows foster parents to "break the ice" in the those first few days.

Taffy Gallagher's company, Five Threads, created Tuck Me In Cards to help caregivers get to know a child while developing their critical thinking skills. There are no wrong answers to the connecting questions and each one is intentionally phrased to enhance the relationship with the child so you as a foster parent can appreciate the child's interest, thoughts and feelings.

Although the cards are geared for children ages 3 to 7, the concept might be better understood for ages 5 to 8 if your child in care is delayed developmentally.

Tuck Me In Cards could make great gifts for foster parents, either from foster parent organizations as giveaways or from placement agencies as part of their parenting resources available to caregivers.

Visit or contact Taffy Gallagher at 360.434.5647 or for more information.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful tool for foster parents to break the ice.

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