Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fostering Families Today looking for people to write articles on parenting teens

 Fostering Families Today is doing their March/April issue with a focus on parenting teens. Their having trouble getting articles together. If you or any fostering friends who are parenting teens would want to write something or be interviewed about their experiences you should contact them below. Here's a couple of the specific topics I'm looking to address:
* Parenting teens and their children -- how do you help foster teens learn to become parents and not repeat the cycle
* What is unique about parenting teens
* What works for disciplining teens
* How do you build a relationship with a teen when they come to you so much later
* Preparing teens for after care -- what do they need to know to live in the adult world...helping them get into college, find jobs, etc.
The deadline for articles if people would like to write is Jan. 6 and articles are typically 1,200 words in length. If you know someone who would be willing to do an interview please give me their contact information.
Also, if there are any foster teens/young adults who would like to share their perspective that would be great as well.

Kim Hansel, editor
Adoption Today
Fostering Families Today

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